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Does the use of yoghurt, apple sauce or pudding for the intake of medication sound familiar to you? Years ago when medication lubricant did not exist yet, this was very normal. However; people did not realize back than that the food often has an impact on the medication without even knowing it. To solve this problem, a home care nurse invented Gloup. He cooperated with a Parisian University to create the initial product. Unlike food, Gloup has no impact on the efficacy of the medication, so optimal efficacy of your medication can be achieved. Gloup is a 100% all natural gel specifically developed for the intake of oral medication. It covers your tablet so masks the bad taste of the medication, but because of its slipperiness it also slides down the throat easily. Both entire pills as well as crushed medication* can be taken safely with Gloup by people that can swallow independently from the age of 2.