Polaris Plastic Surgery

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Polaris Plastic Surgery
3 Mount Elizabeth, #08-05 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Gyalsing, Sikkim 228510, INDIA
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Polaris is known as “Pole Star” or the North Star in astronomy. Guiding many travelers for the way due north, Polaris has stood through space and time, remaining at the heart of the northern sky. Like its namesake constellation, Polaris Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery aims to pave the way for a fresh and modernistic approach in plastic and reconstructive surgery throughout the region.

At Polaris Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we provide plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery services to suit the individual needs of our patients, placing their well-being and concerns at the center of a seamless, holistic interaction with our practice.

Led by consultant plastic surgeon and medical director Dr Adrian Ooi, our surgery services range from skillful eyelid enhancement, facial rejuvenation, and breast augmentation to complex microsurgery and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Ooi has the passion and experience to engage with every individual to guide them through their treatment processes to achieve satisfactory, lasting results.