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Bhojan Tree
Station Road , Mumbai, Maharashtra 400086, India
Detailed Information

Bhojan Tree is a Tiffin service provider established in 2015. They deliver meals all over Mumbai. They have a great quality of food as they use home grinded spices, clean their kitchen twice a day, make fresh gravy every day, use fresh veggies and flour and rice of good quality.

They offer veg and non-veg meals and both as an alternate. The mini veg meal starts @95, non-veg @105 and alternate mini meal @105. The standard veg meal will cost you Rs. 105 whereas; standard non-veg and the alternate meal will cost you Rs.115.

There are some special rules for every meal followed by the Bhojan Tree, mentioned below:

  • No use of added preservatives
  • No processed food
  • No use of harmful chemicals
  • No use of artificial colours

The benefits of ordering food from Bhojan Tree are as follows:

  • One special Cuisine every day
  • No repetition of the menu for a month
  • Serve green veggies thrice a week
  • All kinds of Pulses are served on a daily basis.