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Parallel Connect Pvt. Ltd.
Sector 8 , Gurugram, Haryana 122001, India
Detailed Information

Parallel connect is a techno-management company with its core competency on driving revolution in industries with the technological sophistication of Industry 4.0. We are pushing the horizon of possibilities with our industry specific models for various sectors. The standards of our workforce are defined by the three ideals of Disruptive Technology, Strategic Model Innovation,and Value Chain based on Social Landscape. We engage the use of Internet of Things, Big Data, and Cyber Physical Systems in various industries, so as to revolutionize the overall dynamics of those industries and deliver pure performance results. To this end, we believe we can enhance the economic standard of the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation to a global standard, because we understand the industry mechanics. The industries that we envision, are the smart hospitality, smart education, smart healthcare, and smart homes.

The Smart Hotel initiative is a full fledged integrated platform from Parallel connect that enables hotels to change industry dynamics by upgrading their overall business process to smart and future ready business. An Integrated solution to automate business process and guest experience with IOT advancement and managing business more efficiently with the accuracy of cyber physical system and big data.

Smart education by Parallel connect enables school to change industry dynamics by upgrading their overall educational process to more skill based and engaging for students. An integrated solution for school administration, teachers, parents and students to elevate standards of learning to new heights by using latest in tech and new subjective models.

The Smart Healthcare is tailored solution for people to smartly monitor their health realm and analyse habitual health issues with our latest in tech solutions. An integrated solution for Fitness centers, hospitals and people to adapt to a better overall healthy society.

Smart Homes and Apartments  by parallel connect enables people to change their experience of standard living and create a well balanced social life. An integrated solution tailored to demographic specific model with latest in technology including blockchain, iot, cloud computing and big data.