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Restaurant in Rishikesh
Laxman Jhula Rd, Laxman
Jhula, Rishikesh , Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249201, INDIA
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The Royal Cafe is another cafe located a few minutes from Live Free with a great view of the river. There are two stories with floor seating and the standard menu – breakfast, tea and juices, Israeli, Italian, Mexican and Indian food. Like many of the cafes in Rishikesh, the Royal Cafe has a different vibe during the day and night. Expect a quiet, chilled out vibe during the day, and a packed house at night! Be prepared to wait a while for your food if the cafe is crowded. However, it’s worth it to stick around for the post-dinner jam session, where the staff will hand out instruments and join the guests in drumming, singing, and dancing the night away.