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Security Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems
28/2,2nd floor, Amruth Nagar Main Road, JP Nagar 8th Phase, Bangalore , Bangalore, Karnataka 560108, INDIA
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IoT the technology that drives smart cities, smart ‘everything’ is now driving ‘Security Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems ’. Two-T Technologies, the pioneers in IoT solutions have developed a smart guard patrol monitoring system that will help you to monitor a Guards Patrol from the comfort of ‘Wherever you are’.

The Solution: Customized sensors are fixed at Check Points across the patrol route. Guard is provided with a mobile phone that will remind him to go on Patrol / Round. As the Guard walks around, the mobile app picks up the signals from the check points and populates the database.

If the Guard misses his round, designated people are notified (on their mobiles) who can act or take prevent action immediately.

Ideal solution for Business Owners to safeguard their property and also for Security Agencies to ensure they safeguard their clients property and do not incur loss on compensating for a theft or robbery.