Characteristics of Automatic Door Sensors

Characteristics of Automatic Door Sensors

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Characteristics of Automatic Door Sensors
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Automatic door sensor, probe. It is the eye of the automatic door control system. It senses pedestrians or moving objects through the sensor antenna, converts this signal into a passive dry contact short-circuit signal and transmits it to the automatic door controller to realize the automatic door opening.

Features of automatic door sensor:

Reliability: The intelligent microcomputer controller directly adjusts the operating parameters, and the action instructions are reliable; and has the self-learning function to make the driving device run smoothly, safe and reliable.

Large torque and high efficiency: The driving device adopts high efficiency, large torque, small volume DC brushless motor, and the gear box adopts helical gears, which makes the operation faster and quieter, and the braking is stable.

Convenience: Good modular design makes construction very simple. Just follow the instructions to fix the various components on the power beam, then connect the power supply to other interfaces, and then power on and run.

Safety: The door will automatically rebound when it hits an obstacle and open quickly to avoid people pinching and damage to the unit.

Applicability: Standard configuration can be connected to a variety of additional accessories, suitable for various occasions and environmental needs.

Economical: It can realize the appropriate adjustment function of opening the door of the size of the flow of people in and out to improve the indoor air saving rate and save energy.

The above content is an introduction to the characteristics of automatic door sensors. I believe everyone now has a deeper understanding of the automatic door sensors that we can encounter every day. Science and technology are developing, and more intelligent technologies are brought to our lives. You may wish to pay more attention to these, which is also a manifestation of love for your own life.

Characteristics of Automatic Door Sensors

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