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Book Commercial Vehicle Online in Durgapur
Old Court More, G.T.Road, Durgapur, Durgapur, West Bengal 713203, INDIA
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Megatron Logistics is one of the best transport company in Durgapur. We remain at the top by providing customized and secure transport facilities to our clients. Our company is centered on a common motto- to provide authentic service and ensure client growth.

To follow this client-first vision, we employ the best workers and ensure the optimum utilization of all our available resources. We are still growing, but currently, we have amassed 80+ commercial vehicles and 120+ workers. We always keep our vehicles in functioning order by periodically repairing and testing them.


Our vehicles serve West Bengal, the North-East, and other states all over the country as well. This wide network allows us to transport goods wherever our clients want. We make use of advanced equipments and materials for securing the goods. This ensures their safety and prevents damages during transit.

At Megatron, we understand that one solution does not work for all. So we employ a team of logisticians who assess client requirements and resources before suggesting the best course of action. They help figure out every detail ranging from the number of vehicles required to the cost of transportation and more.

We also know about the volatile and changing nature of businesses. So keeping that in mind we provide flexible transportation services. Our team is always ready to accommodate reasonable client requests, even in a short window.

At Megatron, we transport a wide variety of goods. So we take orders for all sorts of products ranging from natural goods to machines and more. Our logisticians provide transport solutions for all kinds of goods.

We have been providing our transport services for years, and our regular clients attest to our competency and reliable transport solutions. Our clients always choose us because we put their needs above everyone or anything else’s. We always welcome calls for queries about our services. So contact us to know us better.

Book Commercial Vehicle Online in Durgapur

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