Azure cognitive services companies in India | Hybrid Automation Solutions

Azure cognitive services companies in India | Hybrid Automation Solutions

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Azure cognitive services companies in India | Hybrid Automation Solutions
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Azure cognitive services companies in India | Hybrid Automation Solutions


Some RPA tools improve business performance as fully functional bots with the help of unattended (server-based) as well as attended learning and intelligence. A contact center solution reimagined its core processes that required the handling of internal systems having 25,000 queries with precision using unattended capabilities. As many as 200 robots would store large chunks of customer data into those connected systems. NYGCI helps you build the robotic ‘workforce’ with a completely futuristic outlook with options for hybrid performance. UiPath offers an automation platform that is well-connected with the enterprise, powered by Micro Recorders.

Example: AI and ML based Chat BOTs, Generating Prediction Matrix, Human like decision making RPA Operations, Training BOTs with descriptive tickets and deploying them perform daily tasks, Fraud Prevention authentications, Face detections, Brands/sign detections, Cognitive screening etc..

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

->Computer Vision

Computer Vision component with integrated package to UiPath rolls out businesses certain key features that enable bots to look at the screen and scour insightful data by actually ‘seeing’ deep within the systems and reaching the ‘business object’ with the help of coordinates called using API Keys in back-end. The usual robots are thus considered blind – as such – compared to those equipped with Computer Vision. The vision is error-less, and as close as possible to the human eye – enabling powerful execution of tasks by RPA components by actually seeing and assessing what action or step to accomplish. This unrivaled accuracy has made most modern businesses turn to Computer Vision for empowering their chatbots and intelligent agents.

->Malta AI framework

An AI Launchpad indigenous to Malta – located in Europe – with the same nomenclature, has taken many AI development projects by storm. It is driven by strategic legal and ethical frameworks that cover all the fundamental provisions for the federal as well as commercial establishments. Malta AI framework can run across several software applications and enables many of the niche RPA project initiatives and can be synchronized or embedded along with several forms of hardware such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, and the drones – the usage of which can eliminate tedious production timelines and surplus drain of resources in a traditional factory or production hub.

The Watson framework encompasses powerful RPA capabilities with the ‘knack’ to drive processes relying on complex algorithms and enterprise Data Science. With the signature IBM RPA platform, businesses can now build enterprise models that are intelligent and robust, and can carry processes with precision known of analysts and data scientists – all across the cloud architecture.

The AI-based studio offers immense potential for transformation achieved with the deployment of compatible chatbots, Rich APIs and advanced Web Services make the IBM Watson a truly futuristic RPA to be chosen for enterprises looking at cutting-edge innovation. As NYGCI carries a vision that encompasses such clients and prospects, we are very much geared up to offer a wholesome IBM Watson experience.


Azure cognitive services companies in India | Hybrid Automation Solutions

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