Low Cost Glenn Surgery in India


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Low Cost Glenn Surgery in India
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The bidirectional glenn procedure is the surgical treatment used to prepare the heart for a Fontan procedure. It is a surgical treatment in which a detour (shunt) is constituted of the aorta to the pulmonary artery. India’s unmatched offering of exceptional treatment at an affordable cost accommodates an unbeatable advantage that no patient can ignore. This unique coming together of the highest quality and cost advantage represents unparalleled benefits when it comes to major treatments such as bidirectional glenn surgery where the difference in cost is 10 to 20 times. India cardiac surgery service team is ready to make your experience in India the most memorable and satisfying. Visit website: https://www.indiacardiacsurgerysite.com/pediatric-heart-conditions/bidirectional-glenn-surgery-best-cardiac-hospital-in-india/