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Band requirement: In this, there is a major change which can be seen under the SDS category, now overall 6 is acceptable there is no least requirement. PTE is acceptable: Now under the SDS category, PTE is acceptable with an overall 60 score. GIC amount: A major change in GIC amount can be seen as this happened almost after 20 years; the GIC amount has been increased from 10,000 CAD to 12,635 CAD.  Last year it was 10,000 CAD only. Refund GIC amount: Last year, when last year the GIC amount was 10,000 CAD, the student could refund 2000 CAD after landing in Canada and the rest of the amount he could withdraw in installments but now the new GIC amount is 20,635 which you student can refund 8000 CAD after landing and rest of the amount which is 12635 can be refunded in installments within a year. So these are major changes which you can see Canada student visa, you can know about all these changes by consulting Canada study visa in Chandigarh. student visa consultants student visa consultants near me study visa consultants near me